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What I Eat In A Day / BREAKFAST

What I Eat In A Day / BREAKFAST

Ever since I became vegan, I’ve spent more time making and eating food. It’s not that I’ve been eating more food (I’ve actually decreased the number of snacks and desserts I eat by substituting them for larger meals); I’ve just been more thoughtful about what I eat. If anything, this summer is teaching me more about mindfulness (no, not the meditation hippie stuff that, try as I might, I just can’t seem to fall for). I’ve been more mindful and caring of not only everything I consume from the food that I eat to the clothes I purchase but also how I spend my time. Do I wish to prioritize my family and friends or Netflix? Do I wish to spend time doing activities that inspire and motivate me or mindless activities that I do simply because society or some little voice in my head tells me I need to? Do I want to prioritize the ingredients that nourish and feed me- the very ingredients that give me life and breath– or do I wish to spend my time doing something with a fraction of that importance? (If you want me to do a post about mindful living, let me know in the comments below). I’ve chosen mindfulness, even if that means spending twenty minutes to a half an hour every day per meal instead of watching tv or reading emails that really don’t matter in the end. It’s up to us to prioritize what matters to us most, and I’ve just now begun to realize how much food and health matter to me.


The first thing I do when I wake up is put a cup of hot water on the kettle. I then squeeze a wedge of lemon into the mug and enjoy a warm cup of lemon water to get my digestion system going before it actually has to process real food.


These days, I’ve been eating a rather large breakfast because I’ve stopped snacking before bed and can stomach a larger meal. Also, by eating larger meals, this keeps me from snacking in between meals so I can live a more mindful life and focus on my work and play.

This large breakfast usually manifests itself into two parts: a smoothie and a grain. Ever since getting my Vitamix, breakfast has become so much more enjoyable because there are so many options. Today, I threw some carrot tops, a cucumber, half a pint of blueberries, a banana, some chia seeds, some ice, and some coconut water into the blender. While it wasn’t my tastiest concoction, it certainly was refreshing and healthy, full of micronutrients. (It also made enough for an extra smoothie for my mom!)

With my smoothie, I usually pair some sort of grain, whether it be a form of muesli or toast. As we were all out of muesli today, I went for the classic almond butter on toast (I used Justin’s, the maple kind) and half of a sliced banana on top. This gives me more protein that isn’t found in the smoothie, and the carbs from the bread are more filling.

I also drank about a cup of coffee this morning, which amounts to a whole mug of coffee with soymilk (Westsoy). I used to drink two cups a day for the longest time, but I want to cut back to one cup, at least for the summer (once my senior year starts it’ll be another story).

I usually eat this around 8:00 or 9:00 am (I wake up at 7:00) and it tides me over until 11:00 (it could last longer, but I have to be at work by 11:30). What do you eat for breakfast? Let me know in the comments below!



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