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Vegan Beauty/Hygiene Haul

Vegan Beauty/Hygiene Haul

Looking for beauty and hygiene recommendations? Going vegan and need some insight on how to go vegan everywhere- not just how you eat? You’re at the right place! Below are four vegan and cruelty-free beauty/hygiene products I hauled this week that I recommend. If you want to look for products of your own, however, make sure to check for the bunny rabbit on the packaging that certifies it cruelty-free, and look for the V that stands for certified vegan.

A quick announcement before I dive in: I have developed a blog post calendar, so prepare yourselves for three posts a week! (Ambitious for me, I know, but I’m feeling particularly motivated today.) Mondays will be what-I-eat-in-a-day posts, Wednesdays will be how-to posts, and Fridays will be random! If you want notifications whenever I post, feel free to follow me on social media:

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Now, for the real reason why you all are here! I’m so excited because this is my first-ever beauty haul (undocumented or documented)! It may seem like this act in and of itself is anti-minimalist, but I truly needed these products; it was just incredibly unusual that I needed them all at once, but I digress. Here are the cruelty-free and vegan beauty/hygiene products I purchased this past week.

Kiss My Face Large Olive & Lavender Bar Soap

I’ve already begun to use this soap, but it didn’t even take the first wash for me to know that I love this soap. It’s cruelty-free, vegan, and contains less than five ingredients, a foolproof sign of natural skin care (but don’t quote me on that). More importantly, however, is the smell. My whole room smells of lavender, and I find it to be utterly calming after a long day. You can find it in your Wegmans in the natural skin care aisle or here.

EO Organic Deodorant (Lavender)I’ve never tried deodorant spray before, but I love it! It’s so much fun to apply (I’m such a child), and I find that it’s stronger than the previous non-cruelty-free brands I used to use. I haven’t used it before a workout yet, but it’s held up in 90+ degree heat, so I’d say that’s pretty impressive. You can find it in your Wegmans in the natural skin care aisle or here.

Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Organic Shaving Soap

While I have not used this yet (I’m finishing off my last bottle), I’m excited to try it because I’ve only ever used the foam/gel kind of shaving cream. This shaving soap also excites me because, as you have probably noticed by now, I’m developing a signature scent (hmmm… what could it possibly be???) I’ve always loved the idea of a signature scent, but I love the idea of a natural, herbal scent even more. You can find the shaving soap in your Wegmans in the natural skin care aisle or here.

Preserve Triple Razor

I also have not begun to use this razor yet, as I need to finish up using my last one (I change the blades once every 1-2 months, so I need to get the most out of my previous razor and blade). However, I felt so happy when I saw it because it is cruelty-free and is made of recycled yogurt cups. Plus, the packaging can be reused as a travel case. I love how ethically and environmentally-conscious the brand is, reducing animal cruelty and waste in more ways than one. You can find the razor in your Wegmans in the natural skin care aisle or here.

Even if you aren’t vegan, I would highly encourage the purchase of these products. It’s easy, no more expensive than buying non-vegan, and the products (well, the two I have tried so far), are quality products. So, at the very least, don’t knock it until you try it.

What about you? What are your favorite vegan and cruelty-free beauty/hygiene products? Let me know in the comments below!



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