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10 Questions for the Mid-Year Reflection

10 Questions for the Mid-Year Reflection

I recently came across this quiz about reflecting on your New Year’s Resolutions, posted by Alexandra Franzen, and had to give it a go on my blog. A lot has changed in the past 7 or so months, and it’s always a good thing to self-reflect and be aware of changes you may (or may not) have made.

1. What were my goals at the beginning of this year?

I didn’t write down a list of resolutions like I normally do every year. However, I’m sure I intended to eat healthier and exercise more. I intended to read more and do well in school. Because I was in the middle of my junior year of high school when the new year began, focusing on school was my #1 priority, so I stuck to the basics.

2. Are my goals the same—or have things changed?

I’ve begun eating healthier and exercising more this year, so I suppose my goal has shifted from “starting” to “continuing.” In fact, going vegan was a huge part of meeting that goal; I went vegan in June, and it made it so much easier to increase my fruit and vegetable intake. My goals are also to read more and do well in school, but now they’ve shifted to focusing on getting into college and dealing with the stress that accompanies the process in a controlled, mindful way. By becoming a minimalist, I’ve begun to combat the stress, and eating healthy has certainly helped me think more rationally and clearly, reducing stress.

3. Is there something I’ve been doing lately—like a writing project, a business project, or any kind of project or commitment—that’s not feeling “right” anymore? Do I need to keep doing it? What would happen if I just stopped?

I picked up two part-time jobs and two volunteer positions this summer. While I like all of them, I’ll have to pair some of them down. However, I made a commitment for this summer, so I’ll have to just be more intentional with how I use my time next summer.

4. What’s something I’m sick of hearing myself say, over and over? Like, “I really need to start…” “I really need to stop…” “Seriously, for real, this week I will…”

I’m sick of hearing myself say over and over “I’ll do it when I get into college.” However, I hate to make excuses, but in all actuality, I do have to put my life on hold a bit during the process of studying for SATs and SAT subject tests, filling out applications, and visiting schools. However, I still make time to take care of my body and spend time with friends and family, which keeps me both physically and mentally healthy in the midst of this process.

5. What’s something I definitely want to create, achieve, or experience before the end of this year?

Before the end of this year, I want to create a virtual community where I can share my vegan, sustainable, and minimalist lifestyle with those who wish to make those changes to their lives. In addition (in case you didn’t get the memo), I definitely want to achieve getting into college!

6. Who are some people I feel jealous of right now—and why? What do they have—or appear to have—that I want?

I feel jealous of people who have time to relax and read a book, but, like I may have mentioned once or twice, college.

7. Who’s someone who’s been an important part of my life this year—like an amazing friend, mentor, or colleague? Have I said “thank you” to that person recently?

I really need to thank my family more. They’ve been so supportive of my lifestyle, from helping me with the college process to converting to veganism.

8. What’s something I see out in the world that breaks my heart? What could I do, say, create, or contribute to be “part of the solution”?

World hunger and climate change break my heart, both of which can be combated with veganism and spreading the vegan love!

9. Fill in the blank: “This year, one of the best decisions I made was _______.”

This year, one of the best decision I made was… going vegan. If you all wish for me to share my whole vegan story in a separate post, let me know in the comments below!

10. And lastly: Fill in the blank: “This year, I feel proud of myself because _______.”

This year, I feel proud of myself because I’m starting to focus more on what makes me happy and less on what makes me imperfect.

What about you? What were some of your New Year’s Resolutions, and how did they work out?



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